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Allergies - Great Day Houston

Allergies - Great Day Houston

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Allergies - Great Day Houston

Dr. Honrubia visits Great Day Houston to discuss allergies, and the fantastic results his patient Ashleigh Hoffman received after visiting American Sinus Institute.

Video Transcript:

Deborah Duncan: Welcome back to Great Day. If constant sinus pressure has you clogged up and breathing seems to be a hassle these days. Oh! wait a minute, we live in Houston! There's a solution for you and here to help you breathe easier please welcome Dr. Vincent Honrubia founder of American Sinus Institute and his patient Ashley Hoffman. Good morning.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Good morning, thank you.

Deborah Duncan: It seems for a lot of us, there is a constant thing going on. I know I went in not that long ago, and said my voice is gone and it's not good for talk-show host to not have a voice right? But there's sometimes we can get by over-the-counter stuff seasonally, but when should someone think okay this is enough?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: I think whenever someone finds in any situation that they're having to continually use medicines, every week they're having to buy out Flonase, Alegra or Claritin over-the-counter and they find that they're connected to those medicines, they should think about doing some other solutions that solves a problem not just treats the problem but solves the problem.

Deborah Duncan: All right, what's going on right now so seems like everybody I run into got watery eyes, sniffing the whole business. Is it just springtime in Houston?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Springtime in Houston. Pollen numbers are skyrocketing. You can go on your little app on the phone and get a pollen alert and it lights up every day now in Houston. Grass is high, weeds high, trees high, so it's typical.

Deborah Duncan: That's why I believe in silks anyway, Ashley had you not gone to Dr. Honrubia at any given time you might not have made it here this morning.

Ashley Hoffman: I might not have. I'm very allergic to the pollen and it seems like every spring and every fall my allergy symptoms were very bad. I had very bad headaches, lots of facial pain and pressure. And I finally decided to do this procedure and it helped immediately. The next day I felt like a normal person.

Deborah Duncan: She mentioned, headaches and such, facial pressure, headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, nasal congestion, ear pain. So basically you are miserable. It can shut people down, so you got the procedure done what procedure. What procedure is she talking about?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: We're talking about the in-office balloon sinuplasty done in the Aswile physician's facility without having to go to the hospital by using small balloons that go into sinuses to make everything more open, by compressing tissue without removing tissue and the difference between.

Deborah Duncan: Is that the way they used to do it?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: They used to remove tissue to create space. Now we compress tissue to make space and by compressing there's no bleeding, there's no packing, very little downtime, patients can actually go to work that day after the procedure. So it's a big difference between what we used to do, five years ago to what we're doing now.

Deborah Duncan: Yeah! yeah! All right! Let's back up and talk about what happens inside here, that people don't understand which is causing the whole problem?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Which is a great question because really people think about allergy think about sneezing, runny nose, but other things that happen are, you get swollen inside your head and that connections between outside space and inside your head to these big sinus cavities get closed. And that's why people think you have migraines well they probably don't have migraines. Migraines are very rare, they're probably having sinus headaches so these issues of facial pressure and drainage and these other things that are happening are sinus related but people don't connect that connect at dizziness ear pressure sinus related so these are things that had symptoms that people have they don't think okay that could be your sinus so what we do with these balloons is go in put them in the correct location and make the passages open so now the pressure in the head is equal to the pressure in space.

Deborah Duncan: Yeah and is that permanent?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Permanent. A permanent fix.

Deborah Duncan: She's like smiling so yes it is. Ashley, before you got to that point of coming up with that solution, what types of things, were you doing just to try and keep it out on top of it all?

Ashley Hoffman: I took Allegra and Claritin pretty regularly and I wasn't a person who suffered all year long like I said, but during allergy seasons, at the peak of them, I was miserable. I was taking it daily. I did start relying on Afrin to try to sleep because I couldn't breathe at night when I would lay down.

Deborah Duncan: The domino effect.

Ashley Hoffman: It is, and that's probably the hardest part of the whole thing is not being able to sleep at night and like I said, the very first night I slept, and it's just been that way ever since.

Deborah Duncan: Wow! She mentioned the medications. A lot of medications that used to be prescription only, are now over the counter and people think well that used to be prescription now it's over the counter that's what I need to do but as you were saying earlier if you're a lot getting through a couple of days is one thing but if you're relying on it all the time you have not you took care of symptoms you have not taken care the problem?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Correct. You're taking care of treating a symptom but not fixing it, in people who spend upwards of $100 a month on these medications and not even think about it. When that patient comes in they're spending on Afrin they're spending, fifty seventy dollars a month from 10 years I mean that's a lot of money to be spending us and it doesn't fix it that actually makes things worse. So these are all different types of things that can be done but the way to fix it, now has become something was more difficult to something very very easy, minimally invasive in the office covered by the insurance, that is very effective.

Deborah Duncan: Yeah! Yeah! and it's not one size fits all you want people to come in so you can look and see what else may be going on because sometimes people have multiple things, right?

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: That's correct. So some people may have a very high allergy load, some people may have a big structural problem, some people you have something else, acid reflux, and people may have sleep apnea so there are all different things.

Deborah Duncan: Some people may be using q-tips to putting wax in their ears.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: That's right, they come in two.

Deborah Duncan: Your whole practice, is that you do a number of things. The sinuplasty, this is one of the things you do, but other things, allergy testings all that type of stuff as well.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Correct. We do allergy testing, we do allergy shots, we do allergy drops that you can take home. So a variety of things to treat the sinus in addition to the balloon sinuplasty.

Deborah Duncan: Yeah! and Houston is a good place to do that.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Yes, it is. Thank you very much, thank you for joining us. If you are looking for an appointment with Dr. Vincent Honrubia, you can call 210-balloon that works out to be (210) 418-1582 or log on to www.americansinus.com.

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