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Nearly 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode of acute nasal inflammation each year.

For those who suffer from conditions like the blockage of drainage ducts, nasal polyps, narrow drainage ducts, nasal mucous membrane swelling or those whose medications compromise the immune system could be at greater risk for this condition.

There are four different types of nasal inflammation:

Acute nasal inflammation comes very suddenly and includes pain that does not go away after 10-14 days. The acute type typically lasts four weeks or less.

Sub-acute lasts four to eight weeks.

Chronic shares the same characteristics as the first two types and lasts eight weeks or longer.

Recurrent inflammation consists of several repeated attacks, which happen within the time frame of one year.

Because causes of nasal inflammation are so varied, the treatments are as well.

Acute onset sinusitis comes on rapidly and healthcare professionals may diagnose it as such, simply prescribing a nasal decongestant. They may also give an over-the-counter type of nasal spray or nasal drops depending upon the severity of the condition.

If the issue is diagnosed as chronic or recurrent, a doctor may suggest a vaporizer or steam machine to help soothe the nose.

Antibiotics or oral steroids may also be prescribed.

For more severe cases a doctor may be able to prescribe some stronger antibiotics.

If you have a sore throat with fever and body aches chances are it is the result of a viral infection such as a cold or flu.

Scratchiness is another way to determine if you have an allergy-induced sore throat. In addition to the “raw” feeling that results from postnasal drainage, particles that directly enter the respiratory system can cause a scratchy feeling.

If you are experiencing sore throat on a routine basis, and have ruled out a viral infection or bacteria as the primary cause, Balloon Sinuplasty may be a proper solution for you. American Sinus Institute specializes in providing Balloon Sinuplasty which may provide long term relief.


Another treatment for nasal inflammation is Balloon Sinuplasty.

This procedure is less invasive when compared to traditional sinus surgeries.

A tiny balloon catheter is placed into the blocked nasal passages. The balloon is then inflated, which opens up the restricted airways from blockages. Saline is then sprayed into the opened passage, which helps to remove the remaining mucus, pus and any other infected material.

When a patient receives a Balloon Sinuplasty treatment, the integrity of the inner lining of the sinuses is maintained, therefore many people have little to no recovery time.

At the end of the day nasal inflammation is a condition we would all like to avoid and get relief from when we do experience it.

For more information on Balloon Sinuplasty, contact American Sinus Institute today to schedule a consultation.