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The American Sinus Institute specializes in Balloon Sinuplasty. Our leading physicians are Board Certified in Otolaryngology and serving patients from across the country at our state of the art centers. Our staff members, clinicians and physicians are experts in the ENT field who have undergone extensive training. We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

Our Board Certified Physicians offer our patients a safe and effective procedure for those seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms. Balloon Sinuplasty has been a turning point when it comes to offering sinusitis relief. In the past, many individuals had to opt for invasive surgery with a prolonged healing time. Today, there are many patients who qualify for Balloon Sinuplasty to find sinusitis relief.

About Us

Dr. Vincent F. Honrubia F.A.C.S.

Dr. Vincent F. Honrubia is a Board Certified Ear, Nose and Throat – Head and Neck surgeon with extensive training and experience. He has performed more than 11,000 advanced sinus surgeries and more than 2000 Balloon Sinuplasty surgeries. He has been designated by Acclarent as a proctor to train other physicians across the nation on Balloon Sinuplasty techniques focusing on the Honrubia Technique.

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Is It Allergies, a Cold, Migraines, or Sinusitis?

Sinusitis (also called rhinosinusitis) is an inflammation of the sinus lining that prevents normal mucus drainage through the nose. This blockage causes mucus to build up in the sinuses and can lead to very uncomfortable symptoms.

  • Sinus pressure, congestion, and headache
  • Facial pain
  • Tenderness and swelling around the eyes, cheeks, nose and forehead
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Loss of the sense of smell or taste
  • Yellow or green mucus from the nose
  • Teeth pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat from nasal discharge
  • Bad breath
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I am an American Sinus Institute fan! My daughter Ramsey Schultz, my husband Chris Lynn Schultz and I have all had the balloon sinuplasty procedure at American Sinus Institute. We all had different symptoms. My husband had chronic post nasal drip and snoring. The coughing in the morning and snoring at night were truly awful. He is doing great now and I can sleep through the night. My daughter had bronchitis three to four times a year. She was in college and living in another city and It would make me so unhappy that I couldn't help her. Since the BSP, she has not been sick. It's been two years and I couldn't be happier. I had a chronic ear ache for 15 years. Since the BSP, no pain. I can also travel on an airplane without debilitating pain. We are so HAPPY!

Courtney Banack Schultz Patient

Everything about this place was amazing, from immediate appointments to friendly staff, to compassionate thorough doctors, they were very helpful and caring. The balloon Sinuplasty was well worth doing, I got relief within a few days from excruciating ear pain and sinus pressure pain.

Penny Almaraz Cortes Patient

Day 2 since my balloon sinsusplasty and I feel amazing like a brand new person 🙃🙃😎Didn't realize how much energy I was being robbed off due to my blocked sinuses!!!!! So much energy! My singing voice sounds beautiful again !! If I could I'd give them all a hug, but that would probably freak them out lol Highly recommend this Institute.

Joshua Turquoisse Patient