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Sinus Infection


Sinus Infection Symptoms & American Institute Services - SA Live

Sinus Infection Symptoms & American Institute Services - SA Live

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Sinus Infection Symptoms & American Institute Services - SA Live

American Sinus Institute Director and Founder, Dr. Vincent Honrubia and Caroline Honrubia RN, BSN visit SA Live to discuss sinus infection symptoms and American Sinus Institute services.

Video Transcript:

Fiona Gorostiza: “Welcome back to SA Live! Have you been sneezing a lot lately? We're at the peak of cedar season and there's one place in town that's been offering folks relief from sinus issues for more than 10 years. Here to tell us how they can help you is Dr Vincent Honrubia, Director and Founder of the American Sinus Institute, and Nurse Carolyn Honrubia. Father-daughter duo! Doctor, tell us what are the symptoms of a sinus infection?”

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: “The symptoms of sinus infections are complicated and often get missed, but they can start as simple as something like ear pain, pressure, and dizziness, all the way to headaches, runny nose, excessive drainage, and facial pain. So there are varied symptoms that all can be helped with these procedures we do in the clinic.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “Caroline, tell us about the American Sinus Institute and the services that you provide there?”

Caroline Honrubia: “We offer the balloon sinuplasty procedure. What's really special about that is that we do it in the office. It's about 15-20 minutes, we have the patients under anesthesia. It's pretty quick from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. It's about an hour, hour and a half when we recover you. There's no bleeding, and very minimal pain. I've had patients ask me for coffee and for snacks right afterward and they wake up being able to breathe much better.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “So as you mentioned the recovery process is pretty painless?”

Caroline Honrubia: “Painless, simple. Quick and easy. Again, you don’t have to deal with everything that comes with the hospital because it’s in the office. The patients are very happy when they leave.”

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: “Not a lot of waiting time, no checking into the hospital, waiting around for the procedure, getting delayed by some emergency,  these procedures are done when we say they're going to get

done. They get done and it's very efficient.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “Doctor, for those that may not know, walk us through a balloon sinuplasty surgery and what it involves?”

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: “It's a revolution in the way we take care of patients who have sinusitis, which means inflammation of the sinuses. What we do instead of traditionally going in with instrumentations such as drills, picks, and heavy metal equipment, to remove tissue from your nose is we go in with soft balloons that create space and enable ventilation through compression. We don't get any of the bleeding, any of the packing, any of the complications of the sinuses that you would get with heavy instrumentation in the sinuses. In addition to that, we avoid going to hospitals and doing all the procedures in an office-based environment.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “We're seeing a little bit of an example of what you were just talking about. How can folks know if balloon sinuplasty is right for them?”

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: “Balloon sinuplasty is right for patients who have experienced failure of medical therapy or continue medical therapy. Taking Claritin all the time without relief for example. As you can see in the photographs on the TV, the procedure is done in a way that does not produce any trauma to the tissue. It creates space with compression with no cutting, no bleeding, and back to the action that same day.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “Back to action the same day! As you were saying, Caroline! How can folks schedule a consultation?”

Caroline Honrubia: “They can go to our website, amerciansinus.com and they can schedule an appointment there or they can give us a call at 210-BALLOON. The vast majority of patients don't need a doctor's referral, so you can just call right in and we can get you into the office.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “What are some common questions that you get asked about the procedure?”

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: “People often ask if it is permanent. That's the number one question because they think the balloon is so soft. These balloons are not soft, they're very hard when they inflate. They inflate to almost eight atmospheres. It's a permanent solution, it's not just come in this year and get it done. Our revision rate after more than 10,000 cases is less than 5%. It's a permanent solution to your sinus problems that creates space without too much trauma to your nose.”

Fiona Gorostiza: “Alright Dr. Honrubia, thank you so much.  Caroline, thank you as well. Just call 210-BALLOON,  that is 210-225-5666 to schedule your consultation with the American Sinus Institute. They're located on the Northwest side at 9150 Huebner Road Suite 280. For more information, all you gotta do is head to that website that you see on your screen, amerciansinus.com.”

The American Sinus Institute in San Antonio, TX specializes in balloon sinuplasty. Our leading physicians are board-certified in Otolaryngology and serve patients from across Texas at our state-of-the-art center. Our staff members, clinicians, and physicians are experts in the ENT field who have undergone extensive training. We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail, and focus on solving your sinus problems. Contact us today!