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5 Benefits of Allergy Testing

5 Benefits of Allergy Testing

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5 Benefits of Allergy Testing

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. While many people who do not suffer from allergies consider them a minor inconvenience at worst, people who deal with them daily understand how they can complicate daily activities. Learning more about your allergy triggers can empower you to choose an allergy treatment that works for you and allows you to live your life to the fullest. A few of the reasons to seek out allergy testing:

You can learn what your allergy triggers are.

Many people just know they have nasal allergies, but don't know what causes their allergy reactions. Identifying what makes you sneeze and what doesn't can allow you to breathe better and enjoy your life more fully. The allergy testing is quick and easy, and can be done right here in our office.

You can eliminate suspected allergy triggers.

Have you never had a cat because you had allergies? If a pet is something you yearn for but have avoided, allergy testing can give you some hopeful answers. You may learn, for instance, you are allergic to cats but not dogs, or vice versa. By identifying what you are not allergic to, you can plan a life that is maximally fulfilling without suffering from allergic reactions.

You can better avoid the triggers for your allergies.

Doctors recommend, whenever possible, you avoid the allergens that trigger allergic reactions in you. For people allergic to pollen, this can mean staying indoors during high pollen times of the day or year. For people who are allergic to animals, it can mean taking allergy medicine before visiting a friend with pets. For those who are allergic to dust mites, relief can be as simple as changing to a dust mite proof pillow case and mattress pad. Knowing can help you feel better and breathe better throughout the year.

You can choose a treatment option that fits your health and your life.

For some people who have only a few, easily avoidable triggers, pairing avoidance with an over the counter allergy medicine can be an adequate plan for finding allergy relief. For those who are allergic to more ubiquitous triggers, however, relief may come in the form of prescription medications, a process like balloon sinuplasty or sublingual allergy drops or shots. By identifying what is causing your symptoms, you can find treatment that provides relief without overtreating.

You can remove uncomfortable complications from your life.

Do you find you get frequent head colds or sinus infections? Do allergies keep you from enjoying the activities you like? Do you suffer from sore throats and interrupted sleep? Allergies can be behind a number of complications that can cost you days at work, participation in social events and a general feeling of health and well-being. By identifying what is causing allergies, you can eliminate both them and common complications. Relief may be as simple as changing your habits or adding a low-side effect medication.Are you ready to take better control of your health and your symptoms? We can help you understand your health better with an allergy test. Get in touch today for an appointment.