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3 Aches and Pains Related to Undiagnosed Sinus Problems

3 Aches and Pains Related to Undiagnosed Sinus Problems

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3 Aches and Pains Related to Undiagnosed Sinus Problems

Sometimes, symptoms do not have a clear and intuitive cause. Many of the aches and pains you are suffering may not be "just a spring cold" or some other passing malady. They may, instead, be a sign of ongoing, undiagnosed sinus problems. Are you dealing with any of the following? Your sinuses may be to blame:

1. Toothaches.

There are a pair of sinuses that runs low in your cheeks, right above the roots of your upper teeth. When these sinuses are inflamed or infected, the pain can transfer into your teeth. If you have gone to the dentist for tooth pain, but been told that your teeth and gums are healthy, talk to a doctor about the possibility of chronic sinus problems instead.

2. A sore throat.

Sinus infections often are associated with post nasal drip. This, in turn, can lead to irritation of the tissue in your throat. A sore throat may be a sign of an infection in that area. However, it may also be a sign that you have an infection or other issue in your sinuses, instead. Reliving the issues that cause your sinus problems and post nasal drip can help you find relief from symptoms like sore throat, a hoarse voice and a persistent cough.

3. An ear ache.

Pain inside the ear canal can also be a sign that you are having problems with your sinuses. While ear infections are common in children, they are actually quite rare in adults. Instead, the pain in your ears could be caused by pressure in your sinuses. When sinuses are inflamed, it can lead to higher pressure elsewhere in your head. One way to tell if your ear pain is sinus related is to take a decongestant. If the pain abates temporarily, there is a good chance that your ear pain originates in your sinuses.

Getting Sinus Issues Diagnosed

If there is a chance that your sinuses are causing your aches and pains, the first step is a proper diagnosis. Your doctor can assess your symptoms and make recommendations based on what they find. By learning the cause, an effective course of treatment becomes possible.

Finding Relief from Sinus Issues

Once your sinus issues have been correctly diagnosed, your doctor will work with you to find the right course of treatment. Identifying your personal sinus infection causes can help you avoid them in the future. For instance, if your sinus infections are the result of allergies, tackling allergies head on can help. Solutions include antihistamines, allergy shots and sublingual allergy drops.In some cases, physical irregularities in your sinuses can cause sinus problems. For these, balloon sinuplasty can be an effective treatment. Balloon sinuplasty helps open up narrow passages, reducing congestion and inflammation.The first step to finding relief is finding the root causes of your problems. We can help. Our doctors have years of experience finding causes of and solutions to sinus pain. Book an appointment today.