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4 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pain

4 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pain

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4 Natural Remedies for Sinus Pain

Have you been experiencing sinus pain for a while now, with no obvious sign of relief available? Many patients pursue natural remedies for sinus pain because they wish to avoid undergoing a complicated and invasive surgical procedure. When over-the-counter or prescription drugs will not take care of the problem, individuals will often be motivated to find a gentler solution. With that in mind, here are four all natural remedies for you to consider


The industrial revolution exploded because of the innovative use of steam to power engines, from factories to trains that transported new manufactured goods to a growing nation of consumers. Steam also happens to be a time-honored natural remedy for sinus pain.You can use a humidifier to produce clouds of steam to soothe your painful condition. Keep in mind that you should fill the humidifier’s reservoir only with distilled water (minerals suspended in ordinary tap water would start building up inside the humidifier, reducing its effectiveness over time if not cleaned).For patients who aren’t yet ready to buy a humidifier, you can close the door to your bathroom and let the hot water run to fill the room with steam. Once you see how well it can produce results, you may wind up getting an actual humidifier. This gives you the benefit of running it all night long in your bedroom while you sleep.

Essential Oils

Many people swear by essential oils in their fight against nasal congestion and sinus pain. A range of oils can provide relief.For example, menthol is prized for clearing up sinus cavities. Patients turn to peppermint, which is another strong oil used for clearing blockages. Oil of cloves helps with sinus congestion too, while others prefer eucalyptus oil to reduce inflammation.

Neti Pot

A Neti pot is an excellent option when you’re focused on natural remedies for sinus pain. All you do is fill the Neti pot with warm water that contains dissolved salt and baking soda (or a prepackaged mix that you can purchase in small, single-serve packets at your local pharmacy).To avoid making a mess, stand over a sink or in the shower when you irrigate your nasal passages. You start by inserting the Neti pot’s spout into one nostril, to pour the soothing solution into your nasal passages. The water will come out of your other nostril. Then, repeat the procedure by switching nostrils.

Warm Washcloths

The sinus pain you’re experiencing may go away thanks to the simple application of warm washcloths.Soak a washcloth in warm water from the tap and then apply it to your face periodically throughout the day. Moist heat and residual vapors tend to help open the nasal passages to relieve discomfort.In cases where natural remedies don’t bring the required nasal relief, many people who are in search of a minimally invasive procedure to address their sinus pain have found that balloon sinuplasty is an ideal option.An FDA-approved procedure since 2005, balloon sinuplasty has provided relief to more than 150,000 patients so far, and you might be eligible to join this group too. It involves inserting a balloon in the sinus cavity and inflating it to actually restructure the cavity.To learn more about treating sinus problems with balloon sinuplasty or to make an appointment for a consultation, please get in touch with the American Sinus Institute today.