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Sinus surgery is quickly becoming one of the most common procedures performed across the nation. Sinus surgery is used to treat sufferers of acute and chronic sinus issues. Sinus infections are attributed with pain and discomfort in millions of Americans ever year, and now they have a way to fight back.


Sinus surgery is a procedure aimed at helping relieve sinus pressure in patients. The sinuses are tiny passageways connected to the nose and mouth which help purify the air we breathe.

Occasionally, our sinuses get blocked, which causes them to swell and exert pressure on the nerves of the face. This causes pain and makes it difficult to breathe, but it can also leave you with an uncomfortable drainage problem. If these problems persist, sinus surgery is used to re-open the sinus passageways and make it easier to breathe. So what does sinus surgery entail?


There are three main types of sinus surgery. Depending on the procedure you choose, here is a breakdown of what each sinus surgery is like:


Functional endoscopic surgery uses a tiny endoscope inserted through the nostrils to correct sinus problems. This is a true surgical procedure that actually involves cutting away sinus tissue and physically widening the sinus passageways. This procedure is very common and requires several days of recovery time.


Balloon sinuplasty is a newer procedure that uses a tiny balloon on the end of an endoscope to widen the sinus passages. Instead of cutting away tissue, the balloon gently inflates, pushing against the sinus tissue and causing it to compact against the walls of the sinuses. Since there is no cutting or removal of tissue, this process is typically less painful and requires less recovery time.


In some extreme cases a doctor may opt to do open sinus surgery. This is an invasive procedure that often requires accessing the sinuses through an incision in the mouth or the face. This procedure can be used to correct sinus passages, as well as remove major blockages, such as bone spurs, that are causing problems.


The American Sinus Institute is happy to help you address your sinus issues today. Our balloon sinuplasty team is ready to take on even the most challenging sinus cases any time. Contact us today and schedule your consultation.