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In the state of Texas, balloon sinuplasty cost can range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. This does not include the cost of any hospital facilities, prescriptions or follow-up appointments.If you will be paying for the procedure out of pocket, it is important that you ask your doctor about these additional costs so that you can prepare for the final bill. Fortunately, we are willing to work out a payment plan so you can get treatment today and start feeling better sooner rather than later.


If balloon sinuplasty is your last resort after years of trying other sinus treatments, we guarantee that it is worth every penny. This procedure offers immediate and long-term relief from chronic sinus issues when prescriptions and other treatments have failed.Most insurance providers already recognize the effectiveness and importance of this treatment for patients, so your procedure could be covered. Your sinus specialists at the American Sinus Institute can work with you to track down insurance information and submit paperwork for pre-approval if necessary. We are also happy to discuss payment options if your insurance will not be covering the procedure.


The best way to know if your policy covers balloon sinuplasty is to call your insurance provider and ask. Either they will tell you that it is approved, or they will tell you that it is not covered and is in investigational proceedings to determine whether or not it is a viable treatment option. If it is approved, you are good to go.If it is not approved, you can still move forward by having your doctor submit a pre-authorization to begin the procedure. If the pre-authorization is declined, you and your doctor can submit an appeal to have the decision overturned.