Dr. Shah, of American Sinus Institute, explains the benefits of a salt water rinse and how to do one.

Video Transcript:

Dr. Anand Shah: Alright, Dr. Anand Shah here in San Antonio, Texas. I’m board certified in ear, nose, and throat. Just wanted to take a few minutes and talk about salt water rinses. This is a system that I like. So you can see comes with a bottle and it comes prepackaged with the mixture and you add distilled water. What’s important to consider is you put it on one side and you yourself will find your sweet spot, where you want to angle your head, a little bit of positive pressure which is one benefit of this system. Then the water should come out the other nostril because the nostrils are connected in the back. That way you just assure yourself of a nice flush, all the debris, all the particulate matter coming out of the nose.