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Will Sinus Surgery Help My Allergies?

Will Sinus Surgery Help My Allergies?

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Will Sinus Surgery Help My Allergies?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious sinus issue related to allergies, you might be wondering how effective sinus surgery for allergies really is. There is a lot of information available about the effectiveness of endoscopic sinus surgery for those who experience chronic sinus infections and the resultant symptoms.

Treating Allergies

Numerous studies have found that balloon sinuplasty and other sinus surgery methods are extremely effective at eliminating sinus infections and reducing pain and discomfort. While the surgery does not necessarily stop you from being allergic to the various particles that cause your allergies, but they do open up passageways and help your sinuses drain before they can get infected.While it may seem drastic to shoot for surgery without first attempting other forms of treatment, those studies also show that the sooner you take this step, the fewer health problems you will develop due to your allergies – for instance, asthma and chronic fatigue caused by being unable to sleep with blocked sinuses.

The Link Between the Sinuses and the Lungs

Many people who experience regular sinus infections also develop asthma with time. This is because the same irritants that cause infections in your sinuses also cause infections and irritation in your lungs.Due to the close connection between the nose and lungs, more doctors are recommending sinus treatment to patients who have a definitive allergy diagnosis. By treating your sinus condition as soon as possible, you can potentially avoid developing lung problems like asthma. If you already have asthma, sinus treatment can provide relief from your asthmatic symptoms. Your sinuses can actually affect your health in numerous ways. Fortunately, sinus treatment and sinus surgery have both proven successful at ridding patients of the effects of sinus infections. The earlier you put a stop to your sinus infections, the less bacteria is able to move to your lungs and the better health you will have all around. So if you’ve ever wondered, “Will sinus surgery help my allergies?” the answer is almost certainly yes. However, we strongly recommend using conservative treatments such as medications to treat your sinus problems first. If these fail or are not a good solution for you, then sinus surgery can be a great alternative. To figure out if you are a good candidate for sinus surgery, contact the American Sinus Institute today and schedule your consultation. Even after receiving sinus treatment, symptoms of asthma tend to stick around while your body recovers and clears itself of all related bacteria.