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Balloon Sinuplasty


Turbinate Reduction & Balloon Sinuplasty Hybrid Procedure: Honrubia Technique™

Turbinate Reduction & Balloon Sinuplasty Hybrid Procedure: Honrubia Technique™

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Turbinate Reduction & Balloon Sinuplasty Hybrid Procedure: Honrubia Technique™

About 1 of every 20 million Americans suffer from nasal obstruction. Nasal obstruction is usually caused by either swelling of the nasal tissue or an anatomical blockage that narrows the nasal cavity and leads to congestion. Congested nasal obstruction can impair normal breathing, forcing patients to breathe through the mouth and often affects their daily activities. Fortunately, American Sinus offers a unique hybrid approach that combines turbinate reduction, septoplasty, and ethmoidectomy with a traditional balloon sinuplasty procedure to improve airflow in people with chronic nasal obstruction. Just one procedure can address all nasal issues.


Turbinate Reduction and Balloon Sinuplasty

Both turbinate reduction and balloon sinuplasty are typically minimally invasive procedures.


Turbinate reduction is a procedure in which a needle-like instrument is inserted into the turbinate and energy is transmitted to the tissue to cause controlled damage. By the time the healing process occurs, the turbinates will be reduced, allowing improved airflow through the nose.


A balloon sinuplasty is a treatment designed to drain blocked sinuses without cutting or removing any parts of the nose. Basically, a tiny balloon is inserted into the inflamed sinus and inflated to expand the sinus openings. Afterwards, a saline solution is sprayed into the infected sinus to help remove debris, followed by a removal of the balloon. This procedure is a good option for those who suffer from chronic sinus infections, sinus congestion, and other sinus conditions.


The Honrubia Technique™

The Honrubia balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive twenty-minute procedure. It is a hybrid of a traditional balloon sinuplasty, incorporating additional procedures such as turbinate reduction, septoplasty, and ethmoidectomy, all performed under general anesthesia in an office setting that allows for a more comprehensive surgery as well as a more aggressive irrigation of the sinuses. 


The Honrubia Technique™ offers less bleeding, scarring, and pain compared to traditional sinus surgery because it preserves the cilia and corrects the natural sinus ostia to restore sinus drainage and function with maximum bone and tissue preservation. This procedure provides for better immediate results.



If you are experiencing difficulty breathing due to blocked nasal passages, you might want to consult with a specialist to figure out the true reason behind it. Contact our board-certified physicians in Otolaryngology to relieve the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis!