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The Six Weirdest Allergens on Earth

The Six Weirdest Allergens on Earth

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The Six Weirdest Allergens on Earth

When most of us suffer a bout of itching eyes and a runny nose, the allergy trigger is something common, such as pet dander or pollen. However, some people have unusual allergies that are triggered by the weirdest allergens. How many of these surprising allergens were you aware of?

1. Sunlight

We're not talking about people whose sneeze reflex is triggered by bright light. "That is actually a common phenomenon called the "photic sneeze reflex" and it is not an actual allergy," says Dr. Shah. People who are allergic to sunlight, on the other hand, have skin that is so sensitive to sun that even mild exposure to light can leave them with dangerous rashes. In severe cases, sufferers must remain indoors in dark rooms to avoid light.

weirdest allergens allergic to sun

2. Vibrations

This is another allergy caused not by a substance, but by movements. People who have vibratory angioedema can develop painful rashes when exposed to vibrations. The vibrations can be caused by a loudspeaker, a running motor or anything else that moves rapidly against the skin. Luckily, this is one of the least common allergies in the world.

3. Exercise

Many of us joke that we're allergic to the treadmill. For around one in one thousand people, however, exercise-induced anaphylaxis is not a joke. Individuals who suffer from this unusual allergy can experience nausea, vomiting, hives or rashes in response to exercise.

one of weirdest allergens is exercising

4. Meat

Allergies to milk or eggs are not at all uncommon. What is far more unusual, however, is an allergy to the animals that these products come from. At least one man has been shown to have allergies to pork, beef and lamb, as shown through a skin prick test. After consuming these products, he experienced severe allergic reactions. His doctors, as a result, recommended that he eliminate all meat from his diet. Even more unusually, he was shown to tolerate far more common allergens such as milk, mites and cats.

5. Your own child

Pregnancy comes with many discomforts, particularly in the third trimester. One of the more unusual ones involves developing an allergy to the baby the mother is carrying. Women who have the rare condition pemphigoid gestitionis develop a blister and rashes across their bellies and upper torsos. Their babies may also be born with a similar rash if they also have the condition. The rash and blisters typically go away a few months after birth.

weirdest allergens allergic to baby

6. The cold

Here's one reason to love Texas's climate, at least for some: a few rare individuals are actually allergic to the cold. When they are exposed to cold temperatures, they will experience symptoms that include itching and swelling in their skin. In extreme cases, exposure to mild cold temperatures can result in collapse and death.While you may not be susceptible to the weirdest allergens, there are still many things in the Texas environment that can lead to sinus problems and nasal allergies. Are seasonal allergies causing you misery? We can help! Get in touch with American Sinus for an appointment today.