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The Most Common Causes Of Snoring

The Most Common Causes Of Snoring

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The Most Common Causes Of Snoring

Did you know there is medical science behind the causes of snoring, and you don’t have to live with disruptive snoring for the rest of your life? Snoring isn’t just something everybody does. Many people have underlying causes that can be treated directly, which leads to more restful sleep for the whole family.

What Causes Snoring in Adults?

Some of the most common reasons for snoring include poor sleeping position, alcohol consumption and anatomical issues in the throat and mouth. However, it is actually the sinus passages that are responsible for much of the snoring we hear.If you’ve ever asked, “What causes someone to snore?” you’ll know that snoring often increases during allergy season and when someone is suffering from a sinus infection. On a grander scale, the individual’s sinus passages may be too narrow, even when not obstructed, to allow for normal breathing at night.

What Can Be Done About Snoring?

For snorers in Houston and San Antonio, the answer can be as simple as visiting a sinus specialist. There are a variety of treatment options available, including minimally invasive methods of widening the sinus passages to allow for better drainage and fewer obstructions.Many of these procedures are designed to last a lifetime, so once you’re done, you won’t have to worry about ongoing treatments.

Why You Should Treat Your Snoring

Snoring directly impacts the quality of the sleep you are getting. Those who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. In addition, lack of sleep can have a large impact on your ability to concentrate at work and your ability to manage stressful situations, including anger management.Members of your family may be suffering at the hands of your snoring without you even realizing it. Spouses often bear the brunt of a snorer’s symptoms and share in the negative health effects.

American Sinus Institute

The American Sinus Institute has created a handy Sinus Symptom Checker that allows you to check your symptoms before you schedule an appointment and to determine whether or not sinuses are the culprits. Check out the Sinus Symptom Checker today or visit one of our Houston or San Antonio locations to schedule your consultation today!