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Are You Hearing Complaints That Your Snoring Is Getting Out Of Hand?

Are You Hearing Complaints That Your Snoring Is Getting Out Of Hand?

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Are You Hearing Complaints That Your Snoring Is Getting Out Of Hand?

Not all snores are created equal. Sometimes snoring can sound like a raging buzz saw that shakes the ceiling and floor, keeping family members up past their bedtime.In other situations, the snores of a sleeping bed partner can be less profound and are actually comforting, serving more to provide just the occasional sounds that signal the presence of the other person. This is much like cases where individuals accustomed to big city life can only seem to fall asleep to the sounds of traffic. They find themselves staying up when trying to sleep in suburbia or a rustic setting that lacks the noise of honking cars and security alarms. But what if your significant other has been complaining that your snoring is getting out of hand, occurring so often and so loudly that it prevents the both of you from getting the restful sleep you so desperately need? Instead of having to resort to sleeping in separate beds, the person who is snoring can undergo a simple procedure at the American Sinus Institute. You should know that for many snoring patients, balloon sinuplasty, a procedure at the American Sinus Institute, can improve the situation and bring peace and comfort back to the bedroom.

Treating Sinusitis with Balloon Sinuplasty to Improve Snoring

People snore for a variety of reasons. In severe instances, the problem might be sleep apnea, which causes patients to stop breathing periodically and then snort and snore as they wake up for brief moments numerous times each night to fight for oxygen and resume slumbering. Evaluation at a sleep center is essential for diagnosing a case of sleep apnea, which can be addressed with a CPAP machine that blows air through a tube connected to a mask that the patient wears to keep the airway open during sleep. Left untreated, sleep apnea can contribute to health issues including cardiovascular disease. But when doctors rule out sleep apnea being associated with a patient's snoring and instead determine that the cause is actually obstruction of the nose, patients can seek relief with time-tested procedure called balloon sinuplasty. Nasal obstruction can be due to sinus dilation, turbinate hypertrophy or inflamed sinuses and nasal mucosa. Normally, sinuses contain air, but if they become blocked, the fluid that fills up the sinus cavities can lead to infections. Sinusitis occurs when the tissues lining your sinus become swollen or inflamed. People can get sinusitis for a variety of reasons, from allergies, the common cold, polyps in the nasal cavity or sinus structural issues that cause drainage ducts to be narrow or blocked. To date, more than 150,000 patients have undergone balloon sinuplasty since its FDA approval in 2005. It’s a safe and effective procedure in which the doctor inserts a small balloon into the patient’s sinus cavity. The balloon is gently inflated, which then actually restructures the sinus cavity without the need for invasive surgery. Patients benefit because recovery time is much faster and typically with fewer complications.

Ready to Explore Your Snoring Treatment Options?

If snoring is becoming a growing issue in the bedroom lately, you can start by determining the severity of your sinus problem with our easy sinus symptom checker. The results may indicate that balloon sinuplasty is your best option for a non-invasive treatment. We are a balloon sinuplasty center with facilities providing services to individuals in the greater areas of San Antonio and Houston, Texas. For more information about how balloon sinuplasty could help reduce your snoring problem or to set an appointment for a consultation, please contact the American Sinus Institute today.