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Sleep Apnea - Daytime At Nine

Sleep Apnea - Daytime At Nine

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Sleep Apnea - Daytime At Nine

American Sinus Institute staff member, Katrina Zedan, visits Day Time Nine with patient, Albert Estrada, to discuss how American Sinus Institute's balloon sinuplasty procedure cured Estrada's sleep apnea. Dr. Honrubia's technique provided a non-invasive and zero pain solution that allows him to sleep better and live a better life.

Video Transcript

Kimberly Crawford: Sinus problems can make a person's life miserable here's the deal though, you don't have to live with all those symptoms any longer Katrina Zedan with American Sinus Institute is here along with their patient Albert Estrada.

Kimberly Crawford: Good morning you guys.

Katrina Zedan: Good morning.

Albert Estrada: Good morning.

Kimberly Crawford: Thanks for being here.

Katrina Zedan: Thanks for having us.

Kimberly Crawford: I know a lot of people deal with sinus issues, not just you know a few months out of the year. They're, really suffering throughout the year, right?

Katrina Zedan: Right. Exactly

Kimberly Crawford: Yes, it's a problem all the time.

Katrina Zedan: Yes, so we have patients that come see us with sinus pain, sinus pressure, headaches. We have our patient here today who also came in with the same complaints but mostly sleep apnea with him, so we don't really attribute sleep apnea with a sinus issue.

Kimberly Crawford: No, I wouldn’t have. Yeah.

Katrina Zedan: So, he has a story to tell today about that.

Albert Estrada: Yes. I had a sleep study done several years ago and it was determined that I had sleep apnea. It was due to having a deviated septum and my nose had a severe blockage on one side and the other side was blocked pretty well, too. I had been told that you now need the surgery done but I know that traditionally the method was you know the old…

Kimberly Crawford: Very invasive, painful…

Albert Estrada: Very invasive, painful. I just kind of dreaded having to do that. Kind of put it off but I knew that as I got older, the sleep apnea was going to have some long-term effects. So, I went to go see my primary care physician and he suggested to me that I go see Dr. Honrubia at American Sinus Institute. When I did he said, “oh no you're a candidate for the balloon sinuplasty”.

Kimberly Crawford: Oh wow.

Albert Estrada:  I had it scheduled and everything went great. It was a, you know easy outpatient procedure.

Kimberly Crawford: In and out. No pain?

Albert Estrada: None at all. I mean it's like night and day. I can honestly say I mean I sleep so much better.

Kimberly Crawford: Like a baby again?

Albert Estrada: Like a baby. No snoring. One of my exercises I like is swimming and it makes a big difference when I'm swimming. You know I’m able to breathe better.

Kimberly Crawford:  It really has changed your life, you would say huh, Albert?

Albert Estrada: Definitely. Oh, for sure, Yes.

Kimberly Crawford:  I'm sure this is something that you hear after people have this procedure. I mean it really does change your life for the better.

Katrina Zedan: It does. It does.

Kimberly Crawford:  It helps them with the energy during the day because they're able to sleep better.

Kimberly Crawford: Yeah, you're getting rest at night.

Katrina Zedan: The sinus headaches are a big deal for patients too. So, they think they have migraines and they're actually sinus headaches and so they're off they're migraine medications. People off their inhalers now.  I mean it's just, it really is a big difference.

Kimberly Crawford: So, what are the symptoms? If people are having which symptoms exactly should they give you a call?

Katrina Zedan: So, sinus pain like we talked about, sinus headaches, or even headaches generally. If you have congestion in the nose and you can't breathe. Sometimes teeth pain, but you go to the dentist and then there's no dental issues. Come see us for that as well.

Kimberly Crawford: It could be bad, right?

Katrina Zedan: Right. Exactly, a lot of drainage. So, when medication fails and you're taking so many medications. Frequent sinus infections and you're taking a lot of antibiotics and the medications have failed you or medications have not worked or they work only temporarily. Come see us.

Kimberly Crawford: Okay.  If you are a candidate for the procedure, as Albert had mentioned it's super simple it's an in-and-out procedure there's no downtime, correct?

Katrina Zedan: Correct.

Kimberly Crawford: It's so much better than traditionally.

Katrina Zedan:  Right. I mean, I had the procedure done myself and I was back to work the next day. So, right.

Kimberly Crawford:  Great. Okay. And insurance?

Katrina Zedan:  Insurance. Most insurances we take. We have billing personnel that know and can answer any questions you may have in regard to the billing.

Kimberly Crawford: Got it. You can give them a call and they'll set up your consultation. Answer any questions you have, but you do not have to suffer any longer.  Call the American Sinus Institute. They're on Dezavala.  The number is 210-BALLOON or 210-225-5666. You can also go to americansinus.com. Thank you all so much for being here.

Katrina Zedan: Thank you.

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