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Sinus Issues - SA Live KSAT

Sinus Issues - SA Live KSAT

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Sinus Issues - SA Live KSAT

Listen to Katrina Zedan from American Sinus Institute talk about cold prevention and the balloon sinuplasty procedure live on SALive.

Video Transcript

Speaker 1: Welcome back to SALive. Well, you can enjoy the holidays without the hassle of a cold. Yes, it is possible, and Katrina Zedan from American Sinus is here with the details that can help you get your life back on track. With the holidays and all the gatherings, all the holiday parties, it can be easy to catch a cold.

Katrina Zedan: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: What are some of the things people can do to prevent that from happening?

Katrina Zedan: Definitely washing your hands. Being considerate and not coughing on people.

Speaker 1: None of this.

Katrina Zedan: Exactly.

Speaker 1: No, no, no. Turn away.

Katrina Zedan: Yeah, absolutely. This is a time really to come see us, especially people don't know that if you have problems with smell and taste that can definitely be a sinus issue. During the seasons you want to taste your food, you want to smell the food mom cooks.

Speaker 1: Oh, of course, all that home cooking.

Katrina Zedan: Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 1: Is that a sign that you may have an issue?

Katrina Zedan: It can be.

Speaker 1: If you can't really smell or taste your food?

Katrina Zedan: It can be. There's more obviously signs. People having sinus pain, sinus pressure, sinus headaches, frequent sinus infections. When medicine stops working for you, come see us. We can help. A quick procedure, about 20 minutes in the office. We basically help your sinus breathe, just like we need to breathe, sinuses need to breathe. It's just a balloon that goes up the nose and it opens the door to the sinus so it's able to breath, but also drain the mucus and the gunk that sits in the sinuses.

Speaker 1: So, that's what balloon sinuoplasty can do for you?

Katrina Zedan: Pretty much. Absolutely.

Speaker 1: And of course, that's also who it can help. So basically, if you're having extreme sinus issues, you want to give you guys a call?

Katrina Zedan: Yes, absolutely. Again, pain, pressure, frequent infections, medication is not helping you, come see us.

Speaker 1: So what kind of results do patients see after they've had this procedure done?

Katrina Zedan: You know, we get a lot of results in terms of definitely the pain and the pressure going away. We get people that are able to sleep better because when you're breathing better you sleep better. People that are able to exercise now, when before because they had to be mouth breathers, it was so difficult for them to exercise or get on the treadmill. The headaches, focus at work or at school, that kind of thing. There's just so many different area that people just don't relate to sinuses.

Speaker 1: So this 20 minutes and this one procedure can really change your life for the better.

Katrina Zedan: It really changes, it does. Congestion. People can't breath, is a big deal that people are thrilled with after this procedure.

Speaker 1: You guys accept most insurances.

Katrina Zedan: Most insurances and flex plans, absolutely. It's the end of the year, so if you've met your deductible.

Speaker 1: Oh yeah, because most people probably have by now.

Katrina Zedan: Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 1: So this could be, they could possibly get this done for not a whole lot.

Katrina Zedan: Exactly.

Speaker 1: Oh my gosh. All right. So now, is definitely the time to call. All right. Let's get the information, of course, up on the screen. You want to call the American Sinus Institute at 210-225-5666,. Again, that's 225-5666, or visit their website, AmericanSinus.com for more information. Again, that's AmericanSinus.com.