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Problems With Breathing - San Antonio Living

Problems With Breathing - San Antonio Living

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Problems With Breathing - San Antonio Living

Courtney Schultz, American Sinus Institute's Director of Marketing, discusses how the balloon sinuplasty procedure changed all of her families problems with breathing.

Video Transcript:

Claudia Garofalo: Welcome back to San Antonio Living. Okay, let's talk about sinus problems. Yes, they could be really bad but do you really have to be putting up with them. Well certainly not, not when you visit the American Sinus Institute and with us today is Courtney Schultz who is the director of marketing. Hi, Courtney!

Courtney Schultz: Good morning, glad to be here.

Claudia Garofalo: Very happy to have you here. So you of all people would be a perfect person to tell us what happened and a change when you went to American Sinus Institute because your whole family was suffering from sinus problems.

Courtney Schultz: Absolutely, so and what I love to tell people is that you can have a lot of different symptoms. My husband had the post nasal drip. He'd wake up in the morning and sneeze and it was just that hacking cough and really gross and horrible snoring. My problem was right ear pain. And my 20-year-old, who had it done a year and a half ago, was constant bronchitis. Which is interesting, because right now, Hillary Clinton has walking pneumonia that started out as allergies and bronchitis and coughing so it's really interesting that, you know, obviously she could have benefited from a BSB as well, which is the same thing that my daughter had, which is that constant hacking coughing.

Claudia Garofalo: To hear you say that it's kind of alarming because all those symptoms are pretty serious and especially when they lead to something much more complicated.

Courtney Schultz: Well, absolutely because allergies can lead to bronchitis which can lead to pneumonia and my 20-year-old was having that constant bronchitis and pneumonia and she was at school and the University of Colorado-Boulder. So I'm in San Antonio talking to her on the phone, very upset that my daughter's sick her entire freshman year. Now she's two years out she's not been sick, she's still up in Boulder, she's very very happy. My husband, his snoring has gone away which has been heavenly for our marriage.

Claudia Garofalo: I'll bet.

Courtney Schultz: I love the fact that he's not snoring, that was fabulous. And for me, it was that constant earache that right ear pain then some people suffer from and you take Advil and the Advil doesn't do anything because it's a pressure headache. The balloon sinuplasty goes in and it opens those airways. So just within our own little family, we all had completely different symptoms but they were all absolutely related to problems with breathing. Right now, I'm three years out. My husband is two years out. My daughter, I mean we're just it's fabulous. We are a family of balloon sinuplasty procedure. Hurray! people, it really worked.

Claudia Garofalo: Right and what I love is the new procedures that you do have at American Science Institute. Why do you recommend other people who are suffering from all these symptoms to come in and just get themselves checked out.

Courtney Schultz: Because it's so easy. The three of us all had a little bit different recovery. I know I woke up feeling better and being able to breathe. My daughter, it took about two days. My husband was about, you know three or four. But basically, the recovery time is unbelievable. No bruising, no swelling and there's no pain. Everyone's afraid of the pain they feel like they have to live with this this is something we have to do forever and that's just not true. And so it's a fabulous 20 minutes in the office and you're better.

Claudia Garofalo: You can't beat that. Well, I'm so happy for you and your family.

Courtney Schultz: Yes.

Claudia Garofalo: And for now I'm going to give you guys the information on how to start feeling better and get rid of those sinus problems. American Sinus Institute, so they are on Dezavala suite number 200. You can give them a call at 210-balloon, americansinus.com. Find them on Facebook, American Sinus Institute. They also have a Twitter at American Sinus Institute.

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