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Patient Post Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure - SA Live KSAT

Patient Post Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure - SA Live KSAT

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Patient Post Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure - SA Live KSAT

Dr. Vincent Honrubia and PA Katrina Zedan check up on patient Arianna Walker after her balloon sinuplasty procedure.

Video Transcript:

SA Live: Arianna Walker, who's a young lady here in San Antonio, who had a sinus procedure, the Honrubia Technique at American Sinus Institute. She allowed me to travel along, along with Ted Obringer, our producer, and we found out how much relief you can get from the American Sinus Institute by going in the procedure with her and talking with her afterwards, watch.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Your breathing, the pressure on the face, and the fact that now that you've had the procedure done, the iv's out, you ate something, do you have any nausea, do you feel...

Arianna Walker: No, I feel great right now.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: You feel great.

Arianna Walker: Yeah.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: So it was about 30 minutes since the procedure, breathing clearer, no pressure, no bleeding, no nausea, no vomiting, ready to walk out of here...

Arianna Walker: Yup.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia: Like nothing really happened. It's exactly the result we would expect that we have the open nose, it's dry, there's no packing in the nose, no bruising on the face, all that goes along with what we're doing with the procedure.

Katrina Zedan: Are you doing okay?

Arianna Walker: Yeah.

Katrina Zedan: How's your breathing?

Arianna Walker: A little stuffy, but it's getting better with time.

Katrina Zedan: Okay, any facial pain or pressure or headaches?

Arianna Walker: Nope.

Katrina Zedan: No? Okay. I'm gonna take a look in your nose and see how you're doing.

Arianna Walker: Okay

Katrina Zedan: You doing those rinses?

Arianna Walker: Not yet.

Katrina Zedan: Okay, we want you to start on those rinses tonight.

Arianna Walker: Yes.

Katrina Zedan: And the more you do the rinses, the better it is for you. It'll help with healing quicker, and it helps with removing any scabbing, okay? Looks good, we just want you to see an allergy doctor, okay? Just a quick peek at your ears and your throat, and then we'll let you go. Say "ah" for me.

Arianna Walker: Ah.

Katrina Zedan: Kind of just relax, okay. Alright, turn your head that way for me. Good. Okay perfect, I'll come around. Good. Any questions for me?

Arianna Walker: No, I think I'm good.

SA Live: I saw her before surgery.

Katrina Zedan: Oh did you?

SA Live: Yes, and I think she even looks like she feels better.

Katrina Zedan: Yeah, they'll tell you right away almost, within the next few days, especially after rinses, that they're breathing so much better.

Arianna Walker: Yeah.

Katrina Zedan: And the headaches and facial pain and pressure if you had that before the procedure, this should really improve things, okay. We're just helping your sinuses breath better and helping you breath better and so, it makes a world of a difference.

SA Live: You started the day with a massive headache.

Arianna Walker: Yes.

SA Live: And we are, well it's the afternoon now, so how do you feel?

Arianna Walker: I don't have any headaches right now.

SA Live: Gone.

Arianna Walker: It's really nice.

SA Live: And when she gets her appetite back, I know she'll want to eat. But she'll be able to smell it too, and the taste will probably come back as well, right?

Katrina Zedan: Yes, yes exactly, the better you breathe, yeah. It'll help with her taste, it'll help with the smell — big difference.

Arianna Walker: Right.

SA Live: Alright, Arianna, tell everybody what you're gonna order.

Arianna Walker: A really, really big pizza.

SA Live: What's on it?

Arianna Walker: Just cheese.

SA Live: Just cheese pizza.

Arianna Walker: I just like cheese pizza.

SA Live: That is perfect.

Arianna Walker: But really greasy, is that bad? I like really greasy pizza.

SA Live: You can have whatever you want.

SA Live: It is so great to see people get relief from the Honrubia Technique at American Sinus Institute. Find them online at americansinus.com or call 210-balloon. The balloon sinuplasty, the Honrubia Technique, 210-225-5666.