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Office Walkthrough with Dr. Shah - American Sinus Institute

Office Walkthrough with Dr. Shah - American Sinus Institute

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Office Walkthrough with Dr. Shah - American Sinus Institute

Dr. Shah shows off the new, conveniently located San Antonio office at 9150 Huebner Road Suite # 280, San Antonio, TX.

Video Transcript:

Dr. Anand Shah: Hi, I'm Dr. Anand Shah, San Antonio Texas. Welcome to our new office at the American Sinus Institute here on Huebner Road in the Medical Center area, 9150 Huebner Road. We like to think it's very conveniently located and it's brand new. So we have our administrative support offices. This is something we're very fond of. We have a live viewing room for patient families to actually watch their procedure as it's being performed live. It's a live video feed and you can see it's a nice place to comfortably watch the procedure. So we've organized a very ergonomic efficient office flow. These are our brand new exam rooms. We have all the latest equipment. So we have several different exam rooms to maximize patient flow and enhance the patient experience. This is our procedure suite. We specialize in doing the office balloon sinuplasty. We bring in an anesthesia provider. The patients have sedation, general anesthesia very comfortable. We have all the technology, all the equipment to make it a very comfortable safe experience for the patient.Then after the procedure, we have a nice custom recovery area for the patients to recover. We also have our own in-office CT scanner. So we can just really get a diagnosis. We don't have the patients bouncing all over the city getting imaging, things like that. We can just give them a diagnosis right from the get-go.