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Balloon Sinuplasty | Patient Testimonial


Mark's Patient Testimonial

Mark's Patient Testimonial

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Mark's Patient Testimonial

Mark Dominguez shares his patient testimonial about how the balloon sinuplasty procedure and American Sinus Institute helped him breathe again.

Video Transcript:

Mark Dominguez: Hi, my name's Mark Dominguez, I'm a realtor here in San Antonio, Texas. Back in December, I reached out the American Sinus Institute because one of the problems I was having was not getting enough sleep. Had a lot of snoring issues, so I looked into different ways, different solutions that could help me. And I came across American Sinus Institute.I looked at the reviews and I really couldn't find anything bad to say and I searched to see if anyone had anything negative to say about the procedure or about the place. Everything came up rosy so I decided to give them a call and they were really great to work with.They did a quick procedure, which was simple, painless and I didn't realize at the time that I had such a large blockage but after the procedure, I could feel that I had a lot more airflow going back and forth.My recovery period afterward took less than 3 days, so I was back to work pretty fast. It took one weekend and I was back to my regular routine.My wife is happier now because my sleep is more restful. I don't snore as much or even loud, some nights it's not at all. I feel a lot better the next day so I'm very happy that I did it. I would encourage anybody who has the same types of issues that I had with sleeping, snoring and fatigue to reach out to the American Sinus Institute and come on over to their new location off of Huebner Road and I'm sure you'll be satisfied.