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Is Chronic Sinusitis Hereditary?

Is Chronic Sinusitis Hereditary?

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Is Chronic Sinusitis Hereditary?

Before you blame your parents for your chronic sinusitis, you may want to reconsider. The causes of sinusitis vary greatly by individual, and while there are a handful of indicators that may correlate with sinusitis, it has yet to be proven that sinus problems are hereditary.

What Causes Sinusitis?

In general, chronic sinusitis causes include things like allergies to fungus or mold and unexpected blockages of the sinus passages. In addition, a deviated septum caused by past nose injuries is one of the most common causes of sinusitis.As it turns out, these things have little to do with genes at all, and more to do with your lifestyle and history. Even people with narrow sinuses can’t attribute their sinus infections to heredity alone. It turns out that nearly 10 percent of people have an extra sinus cavity that gets in the way of other sinus passages.Aside from these anatomical reasons for sinus infections, many smokers and people who work around young children are especially susceptible to sinus problems. Certain diets and medications may also be at fault. Finally, air pollution and pet dander in the home are also known culprits to be aware of.

Sinusitis Treatment

No matter what the cause of your chronic sinus problems is, the American Sinus Institute offers a variety of treatment options. In most cases, a procedure called balloon sinuplasty can be used to open sinus passages and encourage drainage of the sinus cavities.Balloon sinuplasty is a long-lasting procedure that will relieve even the most serious chronic infections. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves compacting sinus tissues rather than removing them, so you do not have to undergo surgery to achieve results.

American Sinus Institute

To learn more about balloon sinuplasty at the American Sinus Institute, call our Houston or San Antonio location today to schedule your consultation. You can also take our handy Sinus Symptom Checker quiz to determine how serious your sinusitis really is, and if it’s time to take action to breathe easier in the future.If chronic sinusitis has become a permanent problem for you, the American Sinus Institute can help today.