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Balloon Sinuplasty


Is Balloon Sinuplasty Safe

Is Balloon Sinuplasty Safe

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Is Balloon Sinuplasty Safe

As the Honrubia Technique for balloon sinuplasty has been around for a few years now, there have been several great studies conducted into the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. For those wondering about whether or not balloon sinuplasty is safe for use in adults or children, three recent studies shed light on the issue.


In order to understand the effectiveness of balloon sinuplasty, researchers had to look at both short-term and long-term effects. One study looked at patient results in a 24-week timeline. This study shows that that the effective rate of balloon sinuplasty was greater than 97 percent for improving sinus blockages.The next study took a long-term approach, following patients for more than two years. This study found that even after two years, the majority of patient results remained stable and there was minimal need for secondary treatments following the balloon sinuplasty procedure.These studies used a variety of diagnostic tests such as SNOT 20 and CT scores to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment.


Many people want to know: Is balloon sinuplasty safe? The answer is, yes! Among both of the above-mentioned studies there were no instances of complications or health risks discovered. In addition, a third study that looked into the safety of this procedure for children found that the vast majority of children responded favorably to the treatment, and even for those whose symptoms did not improve dramatically, there were no harmful complications.The next time someone asks is sinus surgery safe, you can firmly tell them yes. Not only is sinus surgery frequently performed, we now know that balloon sinuplasty risks, in particular, are lower than other forms of sinus surgery. This is because the procedure does not involve cutting or removal of any tissue. Nevertheless, it remains an extremely effective means of treating chronic sinusitis.

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