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How Does a Nasal Balloon Work?

How Does a Nasal Balloon Work?

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How Does a Nasal Balloon Work?

When it comes to treating the painful symptoms associated with chronic sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty may be your best option if you are not responding well to antibiotics. This option is clinically proven to be safe and helps improve the quality of your life.


What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a fairly new (approved by the US FDA in 2005), minimally invasive procedure that helps open and widen sinus passages. It is considered extremely effective in reducing symptoms and is done under anesthesia. The board-certified physicians atAmerican Sinus Institute perform this surgery using the unique Honrubia Technique™ which is a hybrid of traditional balloon sinuplasty, incorporating additional procedures such as septoplasty, turbinate reduction and ethmoidectomy. This means that all your nasal issues are addressed in one visit.


What Are the Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty surgery isa more advanced form of the original sinuplasty procedure. Benefits include:


●     Reduced Recovery Time- Since balloon sinuplasty uses a tiny balloon to remodel your natural sinus openings rather than a scalpel, the typical recovery is much faster than a traditional sinuplasty. While we recommend taking it easy for the first couple of days as you may have some swelling and drainage of your sinuses, you typically are able to return to work/school after 24 hours. The decision will ultimately depend on how you feel after the procedure is complete.

●     Safe and Effective- Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective procedure for dealing with sinusitis in patients of all ages. For the most part, once the residual swelling and drainage goes away, there is minimal pain following the procedure and little need for pain medications. After the sinuses are healed, patients continue to report positive results even several years after their procedure.

●     Minimally Invasive and Reduced Bleeding – Balloon Sinuplasty is minimally invasive with less bleeding, scarring, and pain compared to traditional sinus surgery because it preserves the cilia and corrects the natural sinus ostia to restore sinus drainage and function with maximum bone and tissue preservation.

●      Increasingly Covered by Medical Insurance Companies - In the state of Texas, balloon sinuplasty is covered by most major insurances. If you do not have an insurance plan that will cover the cost, American Sinus Institute will work with you on payment plan arrangements. This ensures that all patients can get treatment today and start feeling better sooner rather than later.



AmericanSinus Institute specializes in balloon sinuplasty, serving patients in SanAntonio and across Texas. Contact our board-certified physicians in Otolaryngology to relieve the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis!