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Don't Fall for These Five Fake Allergy Remedies

Don't Fall for These Five Fake Allergy Remedies

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Don't Fall for These Five Fake Allergy Remedies

Allergy myths abound, especially at times of year that people are suffering from allergy symptoms. While most of the so-called allergy remedies are basically harmless, they may prevent you from seeking allergy treatment that could provide genuine, lasting relief. Tempted by an easy cure? Make sure it isn't on the list below.

1. Eating honey will cure your allergies.

On its face, this myth seems to make sense. The principle of exposing a patient to tiny amounts of allergens is the basis of allergy shot treatments. And, bees collect pollen to make honey. However, the pollen that bees are collecting is rarely the pollen that causes hay fever symptoms. Most people react to pollen from trees or bushes. Since this is not the pollen that bees are using for honey, you are unlikely to see any health benefits to adding local honey to your diet.

honey allergy remedies

2. Drink apple cider vinegar for relief.

Many websites recommend drinking a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar to get allergy relief. While vinegar has dozens of culinary and household uses, it will not affect your allergy symptoms at all. This is true whether you are using a natural vinegar with the mother or conventional apple cider vinegar from the grocery store. There is no harm to drinking this apple cider vinegar tonic if you enjoy it, but any difference in your allergy symptoms is likely the placebo effect.

vinegar allergy remedies

3. Continued exposure to an animal you are allergic to will desensitize you.

While some people do become less sensitive to a particular allergen over time, the opposite effect is just as likely. Around one in three people who have allergies will react more strongly to a trigger over time and will require more treatment. The best way to avoid allergy symptoms is to avoid exposure to your trigger.

exposure allergy remedies

4. Chiropractic care can cure allergies.

There is research that shows that chiropractic care is good for back pain. However, no studies support the notion that chiropractic can cure any type of allergy. You are far better off seeking care from an allergy and sinus medical practitioner.

chiropractic allergy remedies

5. OTC remedies are just as effective as prescription.

Many people who suffer from periodic seasonal allergies do find relief with the use of over the counter medications. However, a far wider range of medications, often with fewer side effects, can be acquired with a prescription from your doctor. For instance, a nasal spray with a steroid can help you avoid sneezing and stuffy nose far more effectively than an OTC decongestant nasal spray. Additionally, the prescription spray is designed to be used daily and to give lasting relief. OTC sprays can cause a rebound effect when overused, and should not be used more than three days in a row. "We can recommend a treatment that has few side effects while providing the relief you need," says Dr. Shah.

OTC allergy remedies

At American Sinus, we provide expert care and tested allergy remedies and other sinus issues. Tired of dealing with allergy symptoms? Get in touch. We'll go over your symptoms and recommend the best treatment for lasting allergy relief.