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End Suffering From Sinus Problems - SA Live KSAT

End Suffering From Sinus Problems - SA Live KSAT

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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End Suffering From Sinus Problems - SA Live KSAT

American Sinus Institute Director of Marketing, Courtney Shultz, and patient Marina Avila, join with San Antonio Live to discuss a procedure that could end suffering from sinus problems.

Video Transcript:

Speaker 1: ... No one should live with sinus problems, and suffering from sinus problems. It's time to start enjoying your life, and there is a place for that, American Sinus Institute. And with us today is Courtney Schultz, the director of marketing, and Marina Avila, a patient. How are you today?

Courtney S.: Good morning.

Marina Avila: Good morning, I'm doing very well, thank you.

Speaker 1: I bet, we're very happy to have you ladies. Now let's talk to you Courtney first, because you're the director of marketing, so you know all about what American Sinus Institute does, but sinus problems is something a lot of people here in San Antonio suffer from.

Courtney S.: Especially right now with all of the rain, we've had a lot of mold, and what I'd like people to know is that people can be symptomatic in so many different ways. With Marina it was swollen eyes, and headaches, and congestion. Other people, it's bronchitis, I mean there can be so many different symptoms, and I mean, why wait? I hear so many people say I've been like this for 20 years, it's simply how I live my life. And if you can go into an office and have a 20 minute procedure, the balloon sinuplasty procedure, and feel better for the rest of your life, why not come in now?

Speaker 1: That is absolutely right. Why suffer? So, Marina, I want to talk to you, because I'm sure there was a time when you were just like, I'm done suffering. What was that like before you went and saw American Sinus Institute?

Marina Avila: I suffered with this for about five years, and I'd get sinus infections six, seven times a year, where they would last for long periods of time. But continuously, I would have headaches, swelling on this side for some reason, it just kind of stayed on the right side more than anything else. At the very end, right before, I had taken the number, and actually was going to give it to my husband, and then, I got a sinus infection at the end of June, and it lasted throughout July, like three weeks of consecutive antibiotics.It was to the point where I was breathing through the mouth, and I'm not a mouth breather.

Speaker 1: Right.

Marina Avila: I couldn't stand it anymore, and so, I looked through my phone and I thought, this is for me, it's time to call.

Speaker 1: Absolutely.

Marina Avila: And so I had to-

Courtney S.: And so I'll give the number, 210 balloon, so when you saw that, you probably thought, oh it's the balloon number, ballon sinuplasty.

Marina Avila: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Courtney S.: It's perfect, easy.

Speaker 1: Yeah, so you called, and you went and saw them, and obviously they did magic, because how do you feel today?

Marina Avila: I feel awesome. I mean, that day, when I woke up, it was like, okay, where's the pressure? Where's, you know, I can even hear better, because it was a lot of pressure in my ears. So, yeah I feel awesome, I can sleep at night, I can breathe through my nose, and I haven't had a sinus infection since then. So hopefully that's over with.

Speaker 1: Wow, that is a big deal, I mean, it's life changing.

Courtney S.: It's life changing, and as she said, the two weeks of sinus pressure and the fact that she can hear a little bit better, this is a huge deal. I mean, the fact that her recovery was almost immediate, and when she woke up, she could hear a little better, she wondered where the congestion was, where the headache was. This is really cool, and people tell me when they wake up, it's like a whole new life.

Speaker 1: Right, well I love it, thank you so much for sharing your story with us Marina, and again guys, no reason why you should be putting up with those sinus problems, get something done today and start enjoying your life. American Sinus Institute, they're on De Zavala, 210-BALLOON. AMERICANSINUS.COM, they have a Facebook, American Sinus Institute, and the Twitter @AmericanSinusInstitute, thank you ladies. All right, coming ...