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Discover: Post Nasal Drip Relief

Discover: Post Nasal Drip Relief

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Discover: Post Nasal Drip Relief

Many allergy sufferers rate post nasal drip as their most irritating symptom. It can show up during even mild allergy attacks. If you are out in public, it can mean hours of discreet nose blowing or choking down the urge to cough and clear your throat. Post nasal drip often seems to hit at the most inopportune times. Learning more about this symptom can help you find post nasal drip relief.

What are the symptoms of post nasal drip?

While post nasal drip is, itself, a symptom of a sinus or respiratory problem, it can cause a number of secondary symptoms to appear. Coughing is common as mucus drips from your nasal cavity and sinuses down into your throat. A sore throat is common because of the irritation that this causes. Many people will develop bad breath. You may also suffer nausea from the swallowed mucus.Post nasal drip is quite often also accompanied by a feeling of congest or a runny or stuffy nose. If symptoms are severe or frequent enough for concern, come in for a consultation.

What causes post nasal drip?

Your body produces quantities of nasal mucus every day. If you are having an allergy attack or are suffering from a cold, increased mucus production is designed to flush out irritants or viral or bacterial invaders. However, if these maladies are also causing congestion, mucus has nowhere to go but back into your head where it drips down into your throat.While commonly a symptom of allergies, post nasal drip can also have other causes, too. As mentioned, some people experience it when they are suffering from a cold or the flu. Doctor Shah elaborates that, in other cases, post nasal drip can be a result of gastric reflux. He says, “reflux allows stomach acids to irritate the mucus membrane at the back of your throat. Dairy products can cause congestion in some individuals, resulting in symptoms when milk, cheese, yogurt or other dairy products are consumed.”

How long does post nasal drip last?

In most cases, this symptom is temporary. People who have allergies, for instance, may find that it abates after they’ve taken an antihistamine or have found a respite from their allergy triggers. If it’s the result of a cold, flu or a sinus infection, it will often go away when you begin healing.However, if you have not yet identified the cause of your post nasal drip, you may find that they are persistent. They may linger for days on end and make it hard to get adequate sleep each night.

What can you do about post nasal drip?

Often, taking a decongestant can get mucus flowing again and allow your body to flush it properly. Medication that relieves underlying causes like GERD can also give you relief. In other cases, chronic sinusitis, however, may require a greater degree of treatment than you can get at home.We believe you can have post nasal drip relief. Get in touch today to learn how we can make post nasal drip a thing of the past.