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Dealing with Year-Round Allergy Triggers

Dealing with Year-Round Allergy Triggers

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Dealing with Year-Round Allergy Triggers

It seems there is something to set off your allergy symptoms at every time of year here in San Antonio. Year-round allergy triggers, nearly every season brings a different blooming plant, meaning that people whose symptoms of allergies are triggered by pollen have something new to contend with. Spring rains and damp winters lead to highly allergenic mold and mildew. The mild climate means it's always time for outdoor activities, which can mean exposure to animal dander and dust. Luckily, year-round allergy sufferers have more options than ever before for combating and even eliminating their symptoms.

Over the Counter Remedies for your Year-round allergy triggers.

Many people are able to get relief from daily allergies by taking over the counter antihistamines or nasal corticosteroids. Newer antihistamines do not pass through the blood brain barrier like older antihistamines did. This means you can get allergy relief without dealing with drowsiness.Nasal steroids can also be taken daily to reduce your reaction to allergens and to curb common allergy symptoms. By taking them each day, you can inhibit allergic reactions before they occur.However, some people find these remedies work for them for a little while, but then stop being effective. Some people find commonly available OTC medications are not effective for them, at all. Still others wish to avoid the use of daily medications in general. For these individuals, the assistance of an allergist and sinus expert can help them identify options that do not involve the use of daily OTC medications.

Dealing with Narrow Sinus Passages

In some cases, it is not allergies themselves that cause suffering; it is the complications that come with them. Some people find allergies lead to painful and inconvenient congestion, for instance. These people may suffer difficulty breathing, frequent sinus headaches and other issues. In some cases, frequent allergy attacks can lead to chronic sinusitis. This is a painful condition that can interfere with sleep, work and your enjoyment of daily life.For these individuals, treatments like balloon sinuplasty can be an effective remedy to allergy complications. During balloon sinuplasty treatments, narrow sinus passages are opened up to increase air flow and allow the passage of fluids. When the passages are unblocked, the result is fewer sinus infections and other sinus problems associated with allergies.

Ending Allergy Sensitivity for Good

In the past, allergy shots were the only solution if you wanted to desensitize yourself to common allergens. However, today many people are finding relief with sublingual immunotherapy instead. These allergy drops offer the same well-tested medication that is in allergy shots. However, instead of an injection, sublingual allergy drops use a small amount of the allergen applied under the tongue, instead. The treatment can be conveniently applied at home, cutting down on office visits. After consistent treatment for a number of months, you will begin to see a reduction in your allergy symptoms. Some people find they are no longer sensitive to their allergens at all after consistent long-term treatment.Allergies have you miserable all throughout the year wondering "what is causing my allergies?" We can offer allergy treatment that helps. Get in touch today for an appointment to discuss options that include allergy testing, allergen immunotherapy and more.