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Balloon Sinuplasty


Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty

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Balloon Sinuplasty

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies and recurring sinus infections is likely looking for a long-term treatment option that will help them overcome the discomfort associated with sinus blockages. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive treatment technique that opens up nasal and sinus passages without the need for surgery.During the balloon sinuplasty procedure, general anesthesia is used to keep patients comfortable while an endoscope is inserted through the nasal cavity into the affected sinus passage. A small balloon at the end of the endoscope is then slowly inflated, pushing back the tissues of the sinuses and restructuring the passageway to allow for proper drainage in the future. A gentle saline solution is then used to flush the area and remove any built up mucus and bacteria. Patients are able to see immediate results after a single 20-30 minute procedure and require very little recovery time after treatment.SA Live host Jeff Roper did a four-part special report covering all of the different aspects of balloon sinuplasty. ASI Director of Marketing Courtney Schultz appears on the show to answer questions and explain the process from beginning to end. In addition, guest patient Arianna Wilson demonstrates her experience with the procedure with both before and after tests to show how much her sinus passages have improved with treatment.

ASI SA Live Segment 10-19

In this first video clip with Jeff Roper and Courtney Schultz, the patient, Arianna Wilson, starts by describing the symptoms of her sinus problems. She reports long-term stuffiness, headaches and inability to sleep due to trouble breathing normally and pressure in her head.They conduct a simple smell test where Arianna is asked to identify a variety of foods while blindfolded. In three of the four samples, Arianna is barely able to identify that she is even being presented with something to smell, and she is only able to correctly identify one item out of four.

ASI SA Live Segment 10-26

In the second video of this series, Jeff Roper and Arianna Wilson go to the American Sinus Institute to meet Dr. Honrubia, creator of the Honrubia balloon sinuplasty technique. After further discussion, Arianna says that pressure headaches are her number one concern, and that she now realizes how much of her sense of smell is missing.Dr. Honrubia explains that the procedure will be done within 45 minutes and that she should be able to tell an immediate difference once her sinus passages have been opened up and dried out. He assures her that there will be positive results and that she will be able to breathe much easier as soon as the procedure has been completed.

ASI SA Live Segment 11-2

The third video in the SA Live series showcases Arianna Wilson after completing her treatment. Dr. Honrubia interviews her approximately 30 minutes after her balloon sinuplasty procedure has been completed and she is already feeling significantly better.He mentions the fact that balloon sinuplasty does not involve any of the pain and facial bruising that other sinus treatment methods are known to cause. Instead, she is ready to walk out of her appointment without any of the pressure or blockage that she had before and no visible signs that she underwent the procedure at all.Another doctor comes in to explain the healing process going forward. Arianna will need to do regular nasal flushes for the first few weeks after the procedure to help the tissue in her sinus passages to heal completely and properly, and reduce scabbing.Jeff Roper notes that Arianna appears to feel better already, stating that the stress and tension that she was living with previously have already begun to subside.

ASI SA Live Segment 11-9

The final segment about Arianna Wilson’s balloon sinuplasty treatment is conducted in the SA Live studio once more with Jeff Roper and Courtney Schultz. Arianna reports that after her healing began, she could tell an immediate difference in her ability to smell and breathe normally. She suggests that anyone who suffers from chronic congestion and pressure headaches seek treatment because it isn’t normal to live with those symptoms for prolonged periods of time.Courtney sets up a second smell test in which Arianna is not only able to identify the foods correctly, but also has a much stronger and more immediate response to the foods being presented to her. She is now able to pick out scents that she was completely unable to identify in the past.

American Sinus Institute

The truth is that chronic sinus infections and the pain associated with them can be treated more easily today than ever before. When over-the-counter allergy medications no longer work, it may be time to look into a treatment specifically designed for clearing sinuses permanently.The Honrubia Technique is a patented balloon sinuplasty operation that can be done in a single sitting and allows the patient to return to work the very same day. There are instantaneous improvements in the patient’s ability to breathe and smell, which continue to improve over several weeks as the affected sinus tissues heal.After the initial healing process no additional treatment should be required, even for people who would otherwise experience seasonal reactions to plants and other allergens.For more information about the Honrubia Technique for balloon sinuplasty, please call the American Sinus Institute today. We will be happy to help you schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options for your sinus symptoms, and get you on your way to a happier, healthier life, free of sinus infections and pain.