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Balloon Sinuplasty Solves Sinus Problems - SA Live KSAT

Balloon Sinuplasty Solves Sinus Problems - SA Live KSAT

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Solves Sinus Problems - SA Live KSAT

PA Katrina Zedan joins client Roland Navaira and his wife Alice on SA Live to talk about how resolving Roland's sinus problems has changed his life.

Video Transcript:

Fiona: Welcome back to SA Live. Well, the cold front has moved in and brought those dreaded sinus diseases along with it. Joining me today is Katrina Ze- Zedan with the American Sinus Institute. Thank you so much for being here. What are some of the signs and symptoms of having sinus problems?Katrina Zedan: Sinus pain, sinus pressure, frequent sinus infections. When medications fail to work ...Fiona: Yes.Katrina Zedan: ... patients end up in our office.Fiona: (laughs) Because sometimes they don't always work. You're like ...Katrina Zedan: That's right.Fiona: "Oh, my goodness. I can't take it anymore." How is American Sinus helping those sinus problems to the curb?Katrina Zedan: We do an evaluation on the patient. We do a CT scan, we fully examine them, and we look at to see if balloon sinuplasty would be the, the, the way to go.Fiona: So what kind of results are people going to see after this procedure.Katrina Zedan: Well, it's great because we have patients here to tell us exactly how they feel. The great thing is is there are symptoms that people don't associate with sinuses, like the trouble sleeping, the snoring that people get, or the headaches. People think it's migraines, and they end up being sinus headaches, so we're going to see wha-Fiona: Yeah, you mentioned we have patients here today.Katrina Zedan: Yes, exactly.Fiona: And Mike is standing by with both of them.Mike: Roland and Alice Navaira. By the way, married 52 years.Alice: Yes.Mike: That is absolutely wonderful. You were just a child, weren't you? So, anyway, back to the topic at hand, you had the, the operation, the surgery, Roland, right?Roland: I, I did.Mike: What was it like before you had it?Roland: Well, before I had a lot of congestion.Mike: Mm-hmm (affirmative).Roland: Uh, a lot of sinus headaches, pressure ...Mike: Okay.Roland: I snore like a bear at night.Alice: That he did.Mike: That he- Okay. No getting away from that one, is he? So ...Roland: No, I didn't.Mike: Okay, so ...Roland: And I probably won't.Mike: Now, after you had it and they took out all the packing and everything like that, did- was it an immediate just ...Roland: Oh, I could feel the difference immediately.Mike: Okay.Roland: I mean, um, I was breathing a lot easier, I no longer had the sinus pressure, I no longer had the headaches, or I- nil- I- I'm not- um, any longer had to get up in the morning and rush to the bedroom to blow my nose. That was ...Mike: Okay.Roland: That was-Mike: How did it change your life?Alice: I could sleep better because I didn't have to nudge him all night long because he was snoring. And I noticed that instantly. You know, I said, you know, a day later, I said, "You know what? I didn't hear you snore today."Mike: And so, one of the other benefits, I would assume, because you slept better, you're more rested and you said he- in a better mood basically, so ...Roland: Oh yeah.Alice: Exactly, exactly.Mike: Okay.Alice: I could tell. In the morning the first thing he would do, run to the bathroom, blow his nose ...Mike: Mm-hmm (affirmative).Alice: And then, all day long, you know, I could tell in his facial expressions that he just wasn't feeling good. You know?Mike: Okay.Roland: It's funny. I'm laughing because of the fact that she used to tell me in the morning when I wa- she heard me blow my nose, she says, "You're going to blow your brains out." (laughter)Alice: Yes. He would. He doesn't do that.Roland: I feel something stuck in there, you know, so I got to get it out.Mike: How- How did you- How long ago did you have the procedure?Roland: I had mine back in January, I believe.Mike: Okay. And then ever since then, it's just been fantastic, right?Roland: Oh. No more headaches.Mike: And about how long was the recovery period?Roland: For me was like about two or three weeks.Mike: Okay.Roland: But it was- I'm pretty good at [crosstalk 03:04].Mike: And you're, you're a new person, basically, right?Roland: Oh, yeah.Mike: Okay. Are those results typical, Doctor?Katrina Zedan: They are typical. Uh, we have many patients that think, like I said, they have migraines and they end up being sinus headaches. We have patients that are breathing better now.Roland: Oh yeah.Katrina Zedan: And like you said, when they're sleeping better, you know, they wake up with more energy and they're not so irritated or fatigued right, throughout the day.Roland: Exactly.Katrina Zedan: So it makes a big difference. But the big thing is the sinus pain, the pressure, and the infections that patients get, they no longer get. So again, when medicine fails to work, come see us. We'd be happy to, to help you live a lot better ...Roland: Oh, yeah.Katrina Zedan: ... than you are now. (chuckles)Fiona: Roland, what would you tell to viewers who might be unsure or scared to make that appointment?Roland: There's nothing to be scared of. I mean, you know, just, if you're having sinus problems, make the call. I did. I mean, and I'm glad I did, because, uh, I've- I've- I breath a lot easier now.Fiona: And she's so happy. (laughter)Mike: And you're ...Roland: Oh yeah. And a happy wife is a happy life. You know, like just what they say, so ... (laughter)Crowd: (cheers)Mike: Another 52 years, so it's worth it. So ...Roland: Yeah. All set for ten more.Mike: Thank you both for being here.Fiona: All right, Roland, thank you so much for telling your story. You too, thank you. For more information you can call 225-5666, that's 225-5666. Or head to americansinus.com. All right, coming up-