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Balloon Sinuplasty


Balloon Sinuplasty For Teens

Balloon Sinuplasty For Teens

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Balloon Sinuplasty For Teens

Balloon Sinuplasty is a relatively new procedure that has been designed to treat the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis in people of all ages. The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure provides relief to those who suffer from blocked sinuses and it allows patients to breathe normally again.This minimally invasive procedure is the perfect choice for those who have not responded well to medical treatments, antibiotics, nasal steroids or over-the-counter drugs in the past.Balloon Sinuplasty is similar to an angioplasty. Angioplasties use balloons to open blocked arteries, while Balloon Sinuplasty uses a balloon and catheter-based instruments to open blocked sinuses.

For Teens

Doctors often choose Balloon Sinuplasty as an alternative to more invasive procedures. They typically suggest this procedure for children and teens. Often teens do not respond well to antibiotics, which have been prescribed for their chronic sinusitis, so Balloon Sinuplasty is often the better option.

Teens and Sleep

Teenagers need to make sure they get enough sleep for their growing bodies. Teens can suffer from fatigue due to both growth spurts and their activity levels and chronic sinusitis can keep them from sleeping soundly through the night. Sleep deprivation can result in teenagers not being able to get up in time for school, falling asleep during the day, being irritable, and even being unable to concentrate in class.Balloon Sinuplasty can help teens sleep better and feel more refreshed in classes and better able to concentrate while they are there.

The Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

First, a doctor will dilate the teen’s sinus passages – this is done by inserting a wire catheter into the sinus passage and advancing a balloon over the wire. The balloon will be inflated and, as it inflates, it opens up the sinus passages and drains blockages. This helps to restore normal sinus functions.The procedure is performed in an operating room on an outpatient basis and teens will be given general anesthesia.Balloon Sinuplasty is a great option for teens is because there is less scarring, less post-op pain and less bleeding when compared to more invasive procedures, such as traditional sinus surgery that includes the surgical removal of sinus tissue. This is because the sinus tissues are simply widened, not removed. Teens will be back to their normal activities in a very short time. With Balloon Sinuplasty there are very low complication rates.

American Sinus Institute

Parents interested in relieving their teens’ chronic sinusitis are invited to contact the American Sinus Institute to find out more about Balloon Sinuplasty. We have performed this procedure successfully on hundreds of patients and we look forward to speaking with you about it and how it can help your teen. Contact us for more information.