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Are Allergy Drops a Good Choice for Me?

Are Allergy Drops a Good Choice for Me?

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Are Allergy Drops a Good Choice for Me?

There are many people who suffer from allergy symptoms that include itchy watery eyes, congestion and sneezing. Allergies are also one of the most common sinus infection causes. Allergy testing can reveal what is causing your symptoms. Most people believe they are limited to either daily allergy medications or a series of allergy shots to get relief. However, more and more people are finding a convenient, less invasive solution with the use of allergy drops.

What Are Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops are a sublingual treatment that contains the same sorts of antigens used in allergy shots. The drops are placed under the tongue, where they can be easily absorbed. Over time, allergy sufferers find that they are less sensitive to allergy triggers and able to enjoy favorite outdoor activities without severe allergy symptoms. Allergy drops are an effective treatment for a wide range of allergies, including allergies to food, mold, animals, dust mites and pollen.

Who is a Good Candidate for Allergy Drops?

Any allergy sufferer can use allergy drops once they have identified their allergens through allergy testing. However, this treatment is especially helpful for people who have not responded to allergy shots or who cannot tolerate this therapy. Allergy drops are especially good for people with asthma, those who are afraid of needles, very young patients and those who have multiple allergies.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops can help you reduce or eliminate your reliance on over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines. This can spare you the expense of medications over time, as well as any associated side effects.Allergy drops are administered at home rather than in a doctor's office. This is far more convenient than allergy shots. Many people drop out of immunotherapy because of the long periods of regular visits. By using a treatment that you can take at home, you are better able to stay compliant with the treatment plan and see results.Over time, as you become less sensitive to your allergens, you will find that you feel better than you did before immunotherapy. People who take allergy drops consistently report they get sick less often and have fewer sick days from work or school.

Are Allergy Drops Safe and Effective?

Allergy drops have been used for over 100 years. There have been a number of studies into their safety and effectiveness. The World Health Organization has given the treatment their stamp of approval and says this is a viable alternative to allergy shots. Researchers have confirmed individuals taking allergy drops have significantly fewer allergy symptoms.No one allergy treatment is a good fit for every patient. Concerns that include effectiveness for each individual, cost and other considerations are part of the decision on which allergy treatment to choose. At American Sinus Institute, we work with you to identify your allergy triggers and develop an appropriate course of treatment. Do you think allergy drops could be a good option for you? Get in touch to make an appointment.