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Allergy Season - Daytime At Nine

Allergy Season - Daytime At Nine

We are committed to delivering quality care through compassion, detail and focus on solving your sinus problems.

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Allergy Season - Daytime At Nine

Dr. Vincent Honrubia talks to Daytime at Nine about balloon sinuplasty and one of American Sinus Institute patients about his experience with the procedure.

Video Transcript:

Esteban Solis: Welcome back to Daytime @Nine. All right, with the weather constantly changing, so do your sinuses, and allergies, and everything, with everything in the air. But you know what? You do not have to live miserable like that and deal with that. Dr. Honrubia from American Sinus Institute is here, along with Levi Van Dyne. And I've got to tell you, these allergies, and these sinuses these days, are getting worse and worse every day. Good morning, fellas. How are you all doing?

Dr. Honrubia: Good morning. We're doing great!

Levi Van Dyne: We're doing good.

Esteban Solis: All right, Doctor. American Sinus Institute. What's going on? How are you doing?

Dr. Honrubia: We're doing well. We're continuing to innovate new products. We have a new balloon that we're using for the drainage tube of the ear. Every day, and every month, [inaudible 00:00:37] finding more and more new things to innovate and bring to San Antonio.

Esteban Solis: I like that. Well, you said today, you brought with yourself a star. Let's talk to the star real quick. All right, how are you feeling right now? You recently went through this yourself, correct?

Levi Van Dyne: Yes, I did. I feel much better than I did last year. Around this time ... around allergy season, when it begins, you start to get really stuffed up. Now, I felt no change from summer to now.

Esteban Solis: It's just one smooth year for you, so far?

Levi Van Dyne: Yeah. Yeah.

Esteban Solis: What's that like?

Levi Van Dyne: Different. Haven't felt this way in a long time. It's been quite a few years before I've actually been able to breathe through my nose and sleep comfortably at night.

Esteban Solis: That's ... You were just saying, right now, that even you are dealing with some of this stuff going around right now.

Dr. Honrubia: Right. Right. With the stuff coming in. Levi has one of the symptoms of the breathing, snoring, not breathing properly at night, but his family members also had the procedure. He can tell us about that. They had different types of symptoms.

Esteban Solis: Oh, let's talk about it real quick.

Levi Van Dyne: My sister had gotten hers a couple of years before me and my mother had. She had mainly had a headache problem, and her sinuses were just way impacted with mucous. After the procedure, it was a short recovery, and she was much better off.

Esteban Solis: So this is pretty much a family thing, where everybody's getting cleared up now, finally.Levi Van Dyne: Yeah, even my father's thinking about having it done.

Esteban Solis: Thinking about it? After two, I would say, "I'm good. If y'all two made it, I'm good."

Dr. Honrubia: Three! Three. His sister also had it.

Esteban Solis: Oh, and his sister. Excuse me. Oh! Well, the family are clear. They're breathing. I need to know what that's like, but a lot of the times, as a parent ... being a father, insurance is always of question. How does that work for y'all?

Dr. Honrubia: Yeah, we take almost all major insurances pay for this procedure. We haven't had much problems with that. The procedure's done in the office. It takes 20 minutes to do that. There's no hospitalization, especially with children that may have this problem, they don't have to go to a hospital, change into a special gown, and all of that. It's a much more comfortable environment, staying in the office to have the procedure done.

Esteban Solis: Nice. Good stuff, Doctor. All right, thank you very much.Let me give everybody the information about American Sinus Institute. They're off of De Zavala, 6363 De Zavala, Suite 200. Give them a call, (210)-BALLOON,. You won't be disappointed. Also, do your homework on everything, go to AmericanSinus.com. You'll find the proof in the pudding all in there. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and of course you can always reach out to Levi. He'll tell you how it really is.

Dr. Honrubia: That's right.

Levi Van Dyne: Yep.

Esteban Solis: All right, everyone. Thank you all very much.Don't go away, anyone-