The Balloon sinuplasty procedure is a great way to deal with the chronic pain of sinusitis. Fortunately, this new technique is less invasive than traditional sinus procedures, which means the recovery process is also less intense. Today, more than 150,000 people have received the balloon sinuplasty procedure and gone on to live free of the discomfort caused by sinusitis.

Typical Recovery Time

Since balloon sinuplasty uses a tiny balloon to compact your sinus tissue and open passageways rather than a scalpel, the typical recovery is much faster than a traditional sinuplasty. The tissue is simply being pushed aside instead of removed altogether, which required cauterizing and packing the sinuses in the past. This is an outpatient procedure administered with minimal sedatives, so almost all of our patients are able to leave the office within 10-15 minutes of completion. It is not, however, recommended to operate a vehicle immediately following the procedure.

While we recommend taking it easy for the first couple days, as you may have some swelling and excess drainage of your sinuses, you typically are able to return to normal activity after 48 hours. The decision will ultimately depend on how you feel after the procedure is complete.

Treatment Variations

Another important part of the recovery process is understanding that treatment varies from patient to patient. In some cases, balloon sinuplasty alone may be enough to relieve your sinusitis symptoms. However, the amount of tissue that is compacted by the balloon will depend on how many blockage areas you have. Thus, some patients will have more involved procedures than others. In addition, for extreme cases, balloon sinuplasty is used as part of a larger treatment regimen that may entail additional recovery time.

Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective means of dealing with sinusitis in patients of all ages. For the most part, there is minimal pain following the procedures and little need for pain medications.

Most patients are able to leave our office and return to work within two days after any residual swelling and drainage goes away. After the sinuses are healed, patients continue to report positive results even two full years after their procedure.

For more information regarding the procedure, check our Sinuplasty Frequently Asked Questions.

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