Team Member: American Sinus Institute Testimonials

Courtney Banack Schultz

I am an American Sinus Institute fan! My daughter Ramsey Schultz, my husband Chris Lynn Schultz and I have all had the balloon sinuplasty procedure at American Sinus Institute. We all had different symptoms. My husband had chronic post nasal drip and snoring. The coughing in the morning and snoring at night were truly awful. He is doing great now and I can sleep through the night. My daughter had bronchitis three to four times a year. She was in college and living in another city and It would make me so unhappy that I couldn’t help her. Since the BSP, she has not been sick. It’s been two years and I couldn’t be happier. I had a chronic ear ache for 15 years. Since the BSP, no pain. I can also travel on an airplane without debilitating pain. We are so HAPPY!

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Penny Almaraz Cortes

Everything about this place was amazing, from immediate appointments to friendly staff, to compassionate thorough doctors, they were very helpful and caring. The balloon Sinuplasty was well worth doing, I got relief within a few days from excruciating ear pain and sinus pressure pain.

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Joshua Turquoise

Day 2 since my balloon sinsusplasty and I feel amazing like a brand new person 🙃🙃😎Didn’t realize how much energy I was being robbed off due to my blocked sinuses!!!!! So much energy! My singing voice sounds beautiful again !! If I could I’d give them all a hug, but that would probably freak them out lol
Highly recommend this Institute.

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Karla Buker Marsh

Very friendly, efficient, and thorough. I went to Texas Sinus Center first complaining of sinus pressure, sore throat, and ear ache. They didn’t even look in my throat or ears, just went straight to sinus surgery. American Sinus looked at everything and explained in detail what is causing the pain and pressure.

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Janine Chambers Zander

I can’t say enough, Doctors really went to battle for my son with the insurance company. He definitely needed to be fixed up, he couldn’t breathe on one side. Right away he went into surgery. I watched surgery from the waiting room and a nurse sat with me and explained everything, it was great! The doctor was so encouraging and extremely informative and through, I have never had a doctor take that kind of time with my son & I. The whole office was very attentive and happy people. They have definitely got my referral business. Thank you so much!!!

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Jessica Chapin

I had the procedure 3 weeks ago and I am feeling great. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with major sinus problems. I had 2 sinus surgeries the old way years ago and this one is much easier and more effective. Everyone is wonderful in the office. Dr. Shah explained everything in detail before.

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Samantha Gutierrez

I can’t give a rating based on the surgery personally but I have worked here for over 3 years now and I can say I truly believe in the balloon sinuplasty procedure and the benefits our patients get from it. We treat our patients like family and that’s what I would want for myself at any office. If you have sinus issues and are nervous about coming in… don’t be! We are here to help you and I promise you will get the best care anyone could ask for. Hope to see you soon!

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Shari Sheldon

As a parent watching your child suffer and be challenged with sports due to a breathing issue is very difficult. Years upon years of doctor appointments and misdiagnosis finally brought us to the American Sinus Institute from our General Practice doctor. Not one of the many specialists we frequented but our GP! The staff went all out to make this happen. Day 2 our son is finally able to smell, breathe and start living a quality life. Thank you from the bottom of a mothers heart for this gift!

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Tia Miller

Nobody wants surgery, but if you’ve been suffering from chronic sinus infections, American Sinus Institute is definitely the place to go! From my consultation to my surgery to my follow-up, EVERYONE was amazing! The receptionist is friendly and organized, the nurses are compassionate and accommodating (thank you for allowing me to bring my own medical tape for my adhesive allergy!), & Dr. Shah, Katrina, & the nurse anesthesiologist are knowledgeable and caring. I had issues with my recovery and needed to lengthen my work absence requiring additional paperwork for my employer. Samantha was amazing at getting the required paperwork together and always being available when I had questions. Thank you ALL so much!!

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Kristi Perry

Everyone was great!! Forgive me, I can’t remember everyone’s name but those I can are Ruby, who went above & beyond with dealing with my insurance, PCM, getting me squared away, Dr. Shah who performed my procedure, the PA (lovely Doc ), Barbara, the girls out front, Samantha, the girls the prepped me explained everything in detail as we went along, the anesthesiologist (sleep Doc) I literally went to sleep within 10 secs & woke in recovery. My discomfort was minimal & they beyond to accommodate me. My husband was able to watch the procedure on the monitor in the family room. Everyone was professional, personable & a pleasure. They checked up on me later in the day!! I highly recommend the American Sinus Institute.

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Allie Leigh Lasater

This was beyond an amazing experience for me. All of the staff is great and welcoming. My insurance does not cover the Balloon Sinuplasty as an in office procedure but they worked it out so I was able to do it at an outpatient facility. It’s been a little over a month since the procedure and I am extremely satisfied. I feel fantastic and I can breathe! The doctors and staff make you feel so comfortable and do an excellent job explaining everything. I work in a PCP’s office myself and would highly recommend this group to my patients. I am so thankful for all they have done!

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Laura R

I can’t say enough about the staff here! They all care so much and go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is outstanding. I had the surgery and can breathe 10 times better than before!

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Linda Hicks

I have suffered from excruciating sinus pressure for 25 years. I went to several allergists, a neuro surgeon, my general practitioner and last year as a last resort, I visited a nose and throat specialist who curtly told me “you just might be one of those people who have facial pain.” I simply gave up.

Then last Friday I was mindlessly channel surfing after a chemo treatment and saw Dr. Honrubia on Houston Life I believe. I paused just long enough to hear “sinus” and what I heard next gave me hope again. I called and got a Monday appointment. They did a CT scan and clearly showed me a severely deviated septum, a bone spur in my sinus, and 100% blocked sinus passages. I begged for surgery that very week, and they went to work getting oncologist and primary physician approval, insurance authorization, and here I sit in awe that Dr. Palmer fixed me this morning. I want to thank the staff and Dr. Palmer for helping me so quickly.

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